What is TPO Roofing?

One of the fastest growing types of flat commercial roofs, TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply malleable sheet that covers the cement surface of a flat roofed building, usually commercial properties. Despite the name containing ‘plastic’, TPO is actually a form of rubber. The membrane is fixed by an adhesive that bonds to the cover board – a sort of baseboard that helps make your roof last longer. The manufacturers creates the membranes in sheets in 10, 12, and 20 feet measurements that are cut, rolled, and assembled to sell to contractors and distributers for largely commercial roofing purposes. Before installing, the membrane needs to be prepped by adding an underlying insulation made of Polyiso, Expanded Polystyrene, or Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

The greatest benefit of TPO roofing is that it’s one of the most affordable materials on the market today and costs less than EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber, which is an M-class rubber roofing option with great resistance to heat and light. TPO offers much of the same benefits largely by using its white color to reflect sunlight and stop heat buildup in your property. Other benefits include options for installation – adhesives, fastening, or heat welding – while also being resistant to corrosion, mildew, and algae for low-maintenance roofing solutions.

TPO waterproofing

When considering the costs of TPO for the best price, consider the condition and bumps, size, and access of your roof, the insulation and membrane selections, and warranties. TPO is versatile in its options of insulation and installation, which can skew and change your price estimate in the steps between purchase and hiring a contractor.

Unfortunately not everything is perfect, but thankfully most of the problems stemming from TPO roofing stem from production inconsistencies between manufacturers and a large variation of TPO products from each. Thankfully, at North Idaho Roofing we only use the best materials to make sure you get the longest life out of your roofing system possible and reap all the benefits TPO roofing has to offer while minimizing risk.