Storm Damage vs. Your Roof: What You Need To Know

Mother Nature doesn’t care about man-made things. The people who study the weather can give you an estimate of if or when a storm will hit, but there’s no guarantee. Even the scale of the storm can be unpredictable. While we would love to put a barrier around our home to protect it from the harsher weather, that’s not an option. What you can do instead is have regular roof maintenance from a reputable roofer and roof insurance for those unpredictable days. Here are just a few ways those two factors combined can save you from an expensive roof repair!

What kind of damage can a roof get?

men laying shingles on roof

● Rain:  Rain is one of the most common causes of roof damage and it can be the most harmful. Rainwater, especially heavy rains can cause leaks, stains, mold, rot, cracks, and more. Water getting under the roof can cause extensive damage that could lead to needing a new roof. Without regular roof maintenance, you may not realize there’s an issue until it’s too late.

Hail: Hail is as unpredictable as a rainstorm but more damaging. Hail can be the size of a quarter to the size of a tennis ball. It can leave holes or cracks in your shingles leaving them exposed to water getting in.

Extreme Wind: If your shingles are loose or cracked, windy days can cause a lot of damage to the roof. One gust can pull them off exposing the underlayment and the frame with rainwater.

Thunder & Lightning: Thunder can be extremely loud, especially when the storm is overhead, but it’s not the issue. The lightning that is always paired with thunder causes all of the damage. At any point during a thunderstorm, lightning can strike the roof, the house, and trees even if the thunder sounds far away.

Tornado: Tornados can be extremely unpredictable. While they may not happen too often, they are not as predictable as a hurricane. They can touch down anywhere causing all kinds of damage with its vacuum-like effect. It sucks up everything in its path, such as roofing tiles, and that flying debris can do serious damage to whatever it hit.

Snow & Ice: Snow and ice can buildup on the roof causing severe structural damage. Ice dams can form that forcing the melting snow underneath that roof and into the house causing that same water damage that rain would. Snow can also be extremely heavy on the roof.

Why is a local roofer better?

A local contractor knows the kind of conditions a roof gets hit with each season. While the weather can be unpredictable, each area does have seasons of the potential damage that they can get their equipment ready. The most important part is having regular maintenance done once a year to your roof. This will point out any problem areas that might get damaged with upcoming storms.

men laying shingles on roof

Why is roofing insurance so important?

With how unpredictable the weather is, accidents and damage can happen. With the right claim, most if not all of the damage can be paid for by your insurance company. What they won’t pay for is damage done because of negligence, for example, knowing there’s a few missing shingles and letting them go for months on end until there’s severe water damage in the house.

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