Roofing Trends of 2022

As 2021 closes and 2022 showers us with limitless potential ahead, we look at growing trends in roofing. Here are some emerging roofing trends we’re most excited about1

Eco-Friendly Roofing

Not only are these trendy roof options good for the environment, but they’re also potentially game changing for your energy bill!

Solar Roofs

Solar power roofs and shingles have been helping homeowners and businesses reduce carbon footprints while building energy-efficient homes that can pay YOU for power if your home generates surplus power. Photovoltaic shingles look like traditional asphalt shingles, letting your home keep its curb appeal. Check with your state’s regulations and EPA incentives for financial help on a brand new, sturdy roof that basically pays for itself!

solar roofing trends

Cool Roofs

Instead of absorbing the sun’s UV roofs, cool roofs reflect the harmful, hot rays to keep your home cool in the hottest and coldest of days. Cool Roofs are made with a reflective coating over the roofing materials that are usually light in color. This mean your roof not only will help you in the bank, but also being a trendsetter of your neighborhood.

Synthetic Roofs

Instead of harvesting new materials like oil and metal to create these roofing shingles, manufacturers will use recycled, synthetic materials to create roofing components. Manufacturers make shingles from rubber and plastic, then construct them into different shapes and colors, giving you color and style options that slash material costs.

Modern Roofing Materials

Architecturally, roofing trends are beginning to step away from large roofs, instead opting to mid-century modern designs in flat roofs or clean, modern rooflines. For example, the shed-style gabled roof with hips, dormers, and pitches are quickly going out of style, mostly due to the difficulty of installing solar power panels that continue to grow in popularity and shortages in roofing material and expenses associated with large roofing.

metal roofing trends

Most homeowners are also ditching oil-based shingles for durable metal roofs. With their versatility in color and textures, metal roofs can last for decades without problem, are often made of recycled materials, and provide other great surprise benefits. One benefit being that metal roofs do not leak as often as asphalt shingles and when winter weather hits, ice and snow simply slide off onto the ground. 

Their durable, reflective, lightweight material is attractive and is confirmed by roofing experts to be a great choice independent of where you live – hot deserts or cold tundras, metal roofing keeps your temperature stable and saves you money in the long run!