Spring Roof Maintenance Checklist

The winter is over; the sun is out, and the heavy rains are just around the corner. Before spring is in full swing, we need to evaluate the structural integrity of our roof. Save money this year by starting your roof inspection, ASAP. Leave no shingle unturned and make sure your roof is in good shape before you get overwhelmed by the torrential spring downpours.  

Clear The Roof Of All Debris

Even the smallest debris can cause damage, moss, and mildew growth. Gently rake or use a leaf blower to clear the debris. If you are uncomfortable with heights or accessing your roof, please be smart and call a professional.

Remove Branches Immediately

Do not let branches stay on your roof for any prolonged period. Branches can cause serious damage and can also be dangerous, so do not hesitate to tackle their removal.

Clean gutters

To avoid flooding, roof leaks, and stains on the side of your house, clean your gutters! It is essential to keep gutters clean and flowing, especially during the spring months. 

Inspect Your Shingles

Wind, snow, and ice can cause tons of damage to shingles, be sure to survey each section of your roof and note all the damaged areas. 

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A new roof is very expensive, so keep your roof maintained well to avoid costly repairs or replacements. There is nothing worse than water damage inside your home. Do everything you can to develop a good maintenance plan and stick to it! We hope this checklist helps you protect your investment over the ever-changing seasons. Check back to our blog page from time to time to stay up to date with our special offers and more useful tips.