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When it comes to top-of-the-line roofing products and expert roof installation services, the company to turn to is North Idaho Exteriors. Quality you can trust! Contact us today for all of your summer roof needs!
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A leaking roof can be extremely damaging to the house. What makes matters worse is that it can be very difficult to pinpoint the start of a leak just by looking at the water spot or mold that is growing on the ceiling. The leak may be slow-moving, as well, causing even more damage like wood rot. With how complicated the repair can get, it’s safer to leave it to a professional. You need to be able to locate where the leak has started as soon as possible to stop even more damage from occurring. Here’s how to locate a leak.

Get To The Attic: The attic or the highest part of your house is where the source is. With a flashlight look around the underside of the roof. You’re looking for spots that look darker than the rest of the area. You might see mold growing or even feel that the spot is wet if you can get to it.

Look For Damaged Insulation: The insulation will be extremely helpful at finding a leak. While insulation helps the moisture in the air, it doesn’t do well with direct water. It will deteriorate slightly when exposed to any liquid, giving you the trail from start to end.

how to locate a leak in your roof

Look At The Vents: Check the roof vents near gable ends, ridges, or both. As the roof ages getting more exposed to the weather the seal around the vent can weaken. This is a prime spot for rain or melted snow to get in.

Use A Hose To Inspect: Have you ever noticed damage from a leak, but it’s sunny out? Locating a leak when it’s not raining can be tricky, but not impossible. It will require two people, a hose, and a ladder. One person will carefully climb up to the roof and use the hose to “rain.” The second person can be inside locating where the leak is with the methods stated above. You will probably have to do this in sections around the roof. If you are uncomfortable using the ladder don’t hesitate to contact a professional roofer like us here at North Idaho Roofing.

The safest thing you can do for your home and roof is to call the professionals at North Idaho Roofing. We can help you locate your leak and help determine the best path to take to repair it. Give us a call today to discuss your needs!

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The winter is over; the sun is out, and the heavy rains are just around the corner. Before spring is in full swing, we need to evaluate the structural integrity of our roof. Save money this year by starting your roof inspection, ASAP. Leave no shingle unturned and make sure your roof is in good shape before you get overwhelmed by the torrential spring downpours.  

Clear The Roof Of All Debris

Even the smallest debris can cause damage, moss, and mildew growth. Gently rake or use a leaf blower to clear the debris. If you are uncomfortable with heights or accessing your roof, please be smart and call a professional.

Remove Branches Immediately

Do not let branches stay on your roof for any prolonged period. Branches can cause serious damage and can also be dangerous, so do not hesitate to tackle their removal.

Clean gutters

To avoid flooding, roof leaks, and stains on the side of your house, clean your gutters! It is essential to keep gutters clean and flowing, especially during the spring months. 

Inspect Your Shingles

Wind, snow, and ice can cause tons of damage to shingles, be sure to survey each section of your roof and note all the damaged areas. 

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A new roof is very expensive, so keep your roof maintained well to avoid costly repairs or replacements. There is nothing worse than water damage inside your home. Do everything you can to develop a good maintenance plan and stick to it! We hope this checklist helps you protect your investment over the ever-changing seasons. Check back to our blog page from time to time to stay up to date with our special offers and more useful tips.
Can a Roof be Fixed or Installed in Cold Weather? Fri, 19 Feb 2021 17:53:09 +0000 There is a lot that goes into building a roof. Ideally, the best time to work on a roof is during the warmer months. But, what if something happens that forces you to get a new roof installed in the fall or even the winter? Is it possible? The answer is yes, but there can be some complications. While it’s not the best situation, roofing issues don’t wait because it’s cold outside. Sometimes there’s an emergency situation that forces you to seek out a contractor during the winter, such as damage or a leak that you want to catch quickly. Here are a few facts about getting your roof repaired or installed during cold weather.

Roofs can be warmer than you realize. One factor that can work with a winter installation and repair is the heat from the house. Naturally, heat rises and ends up in the attic before going out through vents in the roof. That pocket of heat can aid the installation and repairs, especially when it comes to installing shingles.

Roof inspections will save you money. An inspection takes away a lot of the guesswork when it comes to what’s going on with your roof. If you suspect there’s an issue, or simply want it for peace of mind get an inspection done as soon as the weather warms up.

It’s all about timing. Your best bet is to replace your roof when it is above 40 degrees. Any temperature under that could run the risk of cracking shingles or freezing for any putty or liquid you may need to keep close by.

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