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When it comes to top-of-the-line roofing products and expert roof installation services, the company to turn to is North Idaho Exteriors. With years of experience in the roofing industry, we’ve built our reputation for excellence by never taking shortcuts, and never settling for anything less than perfection. Our good name is incredibly important to us. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to earn the trust of homeowners and the respect of industry leaders. We are proud to be an IKO Shield Pro Plus Contractor – Only the most reputable companies with proven track records of reliability and professional craftsmanship can meet the high standards required to achieve such recognition.

When you partner with North Idaho Exteriors for your residential roofing needs, you’ll have the option of choosing a new roof from IKO one of the largest, most respected manufacturers of roofing products in North America. This premium roofing system provides outstanding protection.

Quality You Can Trust!

North Idaho Exteriors is a locally owned and operated company serving the entire state of Idaho. We are current with the latest technologies and techniques for top-notch roof installation services. We use only the highest quality materials available. Each project has our undivided attention. At the completion of each project, a multi-point quality control inspection is performed to guarantee that our workmanship will meet or exceed the 15 year warranty that we offer.

Our 15 Year Workmanship Warranty is the best warranty in the industry. In addition to our roof installation services, replacements, and repairs, we also specialize in siding, gutters, maintenance and service.

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Storm Damage Inspection Questions

Why should I get my home inspected?

Peace of mind. If your home is damaged, you may have a limited time to file an insurance claim. It is always smart to schedule your repairs as soon as possible.

Will my insurance premiums go up if I file a storm damage claim?

Typically, insurance companies cannot single out a homeowner for a rate increase based on an "Act of God" storm damage claim. However, your insurance company can raise rates for everyone in your area. So, if you don't file a claim, your increase in premium will pay for everyone else's repairs, except for yours.

Is it okay to hire the cheapest contractor to fix my home?

If your insurance company is paying for your repairs, it may not be in your best interest to hire the cheapest contractor. The factors you'll want to consider are quality, service, workmanship, materials and warranty.

I've heard some contractors pay insurance deductibles? Is this true?

Many contractors offer homeowners cash bonuses for displaying a sign in your yard, or for referrals to other homeowners. Ask your contractor about the programs they offer.

Can I trust door-to-door contractors?

Be wary of door-to-door contractors. If you decide to set up an inspection with a door-to-door company, do your research and make sure they are a credible company that is properly licensed, insured, and trained to install and service materials in your area.

My contractor asked me to sign a contingency agreement? What's this?

A contingency agreement typically includes two parts, an inspection agreement which gives the contractor permission to request an inspection from your insurance company, and a work-order agreement, which obligates you to use that contractor to perform your repairs, in the case damage is found. If you just want an estimate, only sign the inspection agreement.

How long can I file an insurance claim after the storm hits?

The time you have to file an insurance claim varies by insurance company, but most insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, within 12-24 months of the storm. Contact your insurance agent to see how long you have to file a claim.

Can I trust my insurance agent to represent my best interests?

No matter how much you like your insurance agent personally, remember, your insurance agent works for the insurance company, which is in business to make money. To ensure you receive a fair value for your claim, get estimates from at least three reputable contractors, not referred by your insurance company. Contractors referred by your insurance company may have a financial incentive to save the insurance company money, at your expense.

My roof is damaged. Can I just fix it myself?

If your roof has been damaged by a storm and you are filing an insurance claim to pay for the repairs, there is no advantage to doing the work yourself. Hire a reputable contractor, with storm damage experience that is committed to quality workmanship.

Can storm damage impact the resale value of my property?

Yes. If you plan to sell your home in the future, it is critical to address storm damage issues immediately. Many homeowners are shocked to learn they have costly storm damage to repair before they can sell, long after the time to file an insurance claim has expired.

My home is fairly new. Won't my homebuilder's warranty cover the repairs?

No. Storm damage is almost always a named exclusion in manufacturers, homebuilders and contractors warranties, which are designed to cover issues with materials and workmanship, not storm damage, or other factors beyond control.

My roof is leaking. What should I do?

You have two basic options. First, you can try to fix the problem by repairing or patching your roof. Or, you can completely replace your roof. If you are filing an insurance claim, you should contact a reputable insurance restoration contractor who can help you determine the best option for your situation.

Do I need to get my roof replaced right away?

The devastating nature of storm damage is that you might not start experiencing problems, such as leaking, mold, or structural damage right away. But, because most insurance companies limit the time you can file a claim, it is important to get your roof inspected and fixed immediately, before your time to file a claim expires.

Why would my insurance company pay to replace my roof?

The purpose of insurance is to protect your property against losses that affect value, functionality and safety. If your home has sustained damage, your insurance company will provide compensation to have your properly repaired.

My insurance company denied my claim. Is there anything I can do?

You can request three separate adjuster inspections and re-file a claim that has been denied. To increase your chances of approval make sure your contractor is present during the inspection. Experienced storm restoration contractors can often help get your claim approved, even if it has been previously denied.

A wind storm came through our region and now several of my neighbors are getting their roofs replaced, should I have someone inspect my home?

Yes. If your neighbors have storm damage and are getting their roof repaired or replaced, chances are very good you have storm damage as well.